We Appraise and Purchase Estates

There are many different reasons for Estate Appraisals. Insurance coverage in case of loss, equitable distribution, estate liquidation, or divorce to name a few. With so many reasons for appraisals, it is critical to find professionals who are trustworthy, trained and experienced for this important work.
Many times people come to us with a loved ones jewelry not knowing what is what. Our team of experts can sort through collections and separate costume from the fine jewelry. In fact, we assist many local law firms with estate sorting and appraising. We can do full appraisals for insurance, fair market value appraisals or both. All appraisals are considered legal documents. They include full descriptions of each item, photography and are signed by the appraiser. Rest assured your items are always safe and do not leave our facility.
Are you ready to sell your estate pieces? We are here to guide you through what can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. You need a reputable jeweler to help you navigate selling. We work with estate buyers from all over the country and our gemologists do extensive research on everything.
Just being a part of the jewelry industry does not make us appraisers. At Broer-Freeman we are registered jewelers with the American Gem Society. We also have two experienced GIA graduate gemologists and AGS certified gemologists on staff. We approach your estate with the highest standards, respect and care.



Ring-Sizing: If you need to adjust the size of any ring for whatever reason, whether it’s an old family heirloom that does not fit its new owner, you’ve recently undergone a very successful diet or your finance simply wasn’t able to get your finger measurements before they proposed, Broer-Freeman can help. We’ll resize your ring so that it fits perfectly on your finger. Whether it’s too big or too small, don’t live a moment longer with the discomfort of an ill fitting ring.


Our expert-level knowledge of jewelry extends to our comprehensive appraisal services.



Jewelry Repairs: If you have a beloved old piece of jewelry that’s seen better days you might find yourself hanging on to the item because of sentimental value but feeling self conscious about actually wearing it. Don’t settle for a piece of jewelry you don’t love as much just because an older one has endured a bit of wear and tear. Broer-Freeman can repair your jewelry today. By the time we’re done it’ll look as good as new.

Chipped Crystal: If you have chipped crystal glassware that you no longer use just contact Broer-Freeman. We’ll get your decanters, glasses and plates looking beautiful again, their functionality full restored.

Watch Repair: One of our specialties, watch repair is an infamously complex process, one which we at Broer-Freeman have mastered. Since 1977 we’ve repaired a huge range of watches, including pieces by Rolex, Piaget, Tiffany and Cartier, and we can repair yours today. We’ll do so as efficiently as possible, using only the finest components with the most skilled technicians at our disposal at the helm, all for the best price we can possibly offer. We’ll even give you a full-year warranty on our repair.